A window to the new Mets Arts Center…

Early December I was graced with a rare opportunity to visit Athens for the opening of the Mets Arts Center — the newest creation of Dr. George Kordis and his lovely wife Mika. 

The Center is hidden gracefully along the winding back streets of the artistic Mets area within an easy walking distance of the Acropolis.  It has been their labor of love to renovate the three-story Neoclassical-style building back to her glory and beyond.  It is now a living gift to the artists of Athens and those of us who are able to partake of its exhibitions, concerts and classes.


Several times a week there are icon classes of Eikonourgia on the second floor, where all educational endeavors come alive. One day weekly, Dr. Kordis reserves time to paint an icon live with many of the icon students of different levels present to this very intimate learning experience.

Dr. Kordis was working on a new icon of the Prodigal son when I was there, and I hope we will be able to provide live virtual access to such opportunities in the months to come for students around the globe to have a firsthand witness to the Master's process and techniques.

Along with the galleries on the first floor (currently curated with a contemporary exhibition on Athens by a handful of some 40 Greek artists, mainly from Athens) -- the exhibitions will rotate bi-monthly.  There is also a small studio on the rooftop 3rd floor that is currently being used as an invitational-only artist residency offered as space and time to allow focused dedication to an individual's creative practice -- a beautiful capstone to the center's scope of encouraging an artist's pursuits.

They are now broadening to writers and poets with groups gathering several times a month, and are working on hosting upcoming concerts all under the keen directive eye of Pavlos Kordis.

I am deeply encouraged by the existence of such a jewel -- a tremendous gift to artists, iconographers, and anyone who ventures to discover the beauty and hopes contained within this living treasure.

Looking forward to the next visit!

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