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***NOTE: Due to the international impact of Covid-19 the in-person educational experiences have been postponed or are currently on hold. Please visit the online programs: http://www.iconographytoday.com/en  for complete information and to register.


This site is dedicated to sharing upcoming icon workshops of Dr. George Kordis Icon at various locations internationally along with other educational opportunities to study with Dr. Kordis and the established Eikonourgia Institute of Contemporary Iconography at the Mets Arts Center in Athens, Greece.


We have gathered the workshop information here in one place so interested students can discover and determine which learning opportunities are best suited to their available schedule, location, and specific interests in pursuing the study of contemporary Byzantine iconography.


Dr. Kordis has a passion for sharing the beauty of writing (painting) icons as a true master of the creative and contemplative process, with a gentle way of leading both beginners and more advanced students deeper into the skills and creative artistry for creating beautiful Christian icons rooted in the Byzantine tradition.


Learning from Dr. Kordis has been a life-changing creative and inspirational highlight for many people venturing into the practice of iconography.  His teaching style is both gentle and encouraging while being clear and deeply engaged in the individual strengths and skills of each student to make for an optimum learning experience.


We hope you join us on this creative and soul-lifting journey as we engage in the importance and beauty of icons in Writing the Light.

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Upcoming Workshops

Crete | Greece Summer School 2021

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AUGUST 8 -- 19, 2021

Held both in Athens and on the inspiring and peaceful island of Crete, this 10-day immersive summer icon painting study program will allow balanced daily studio learning with additional trips to churches and monasteries as a part of the inspirational curriculum --along with shared lunches and curated evenings of food, discussion, music and poetry.

Currently filled and accepting interested students onto the wait list.

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Williamsburg, VA | USA


Held at the beautiful St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church and Hellenic Center in the renowned American Colonial town of Williamsburg, Virginia, this 5-day icon painting workshop in March is a wonderful opportunity to work closely with Dr. Kordis surrounded by a great aesthetic environment.

This five-day icon painting workshop with Dr. Korids will be an intensive and inspirational icon painting experience.

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Enders Island, CT | USA


Held at the renowned Catholic Retreat Center just outside of New York City, and not far from Boston, these icon workshops allow a peaceful oceanside retreat with on-site lodging and dining to accompany the immersive daily studio learning with Dr. Kordis.

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